Sometimes we need an extra push to find our path to Greatness.

Sometimes we need an extra push to find our path to Greatness. You’ve been thinking about it for a while, and the thought won’t go away: that you are capable of being so much more than who you are now and achieving much more than what you are doing now. You are endowed with the seeds of Greatness.

All you need to do right now is decide – do you want to realise your Greatness?

If your answer is YES, then get in touch with The Art of Coaching today. We provide a range of programmes for private and corporate clients, on an individual or team basis, to support you to elevate, expand and evolve your true Greatness.


Rise up from where you are now. Get clear about who you are meant to be and what you are meant to contribute so you can fulfil your mission and core purpose.


Move beyond the boundaries that are holding you back from realising your Greatness. Whether these are self-imposed or triggers from your external environment.


Acknowledge your limitless possibilities. Greatness is a journey of discovery,
growth and awakening.  Be open to what emerges.

  • Dr. Will Lidell

    "Having myself trained as a coach I feel in a good position to comment on Lorna's excellent coaching skills. She is a great listener, empathetic and focused. She has helped me keep my career on track"
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  • Manny Sehmbi

    Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council ,Team Leader

    I have received coaching from Lorna that was professional, focused and enabled me to achieve my goals but to also reflect on my future and aspirations, which helped to reinvigorate my career aspirations. As I was so impressed with my coaching with Lorna I decided to ask Lorna to undertake some work with my team as a whole, and to support me with creating a vision for the team but to also identify training needs. In addition staff received individual coaching, which made the team members feel valued, supported and nurtured their development. Lorna’s role has been valuable in supporting my development as well as that of the team.

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  • Charlotte Johns

    Wolverhampton City Council, Head of Transformation

    Coaching with Lorna has had a hugely positive effect on my personal and professional development. Lorna is supportive, challenging and outcome focused with excellent knowledge in a variety of coaching and personal development styles.
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  • Shahzad Tahir

    City of Stoke on Trent Prevent Board

    ‘Thank you for facilitating Stoke-On-Trent’s Prevent Board planning workshop, your creative interventions meant that Board members were able to identify their successes, areas for improvement and focus on their priorities. It reinforced what partners were saying about the Board and your observations and suggestions will now be considered in more detail by the Board so we can begin the process of making the necessary changes to improve our effectiveness.’
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  • Ernest Opuni

    Lorna was my personal life coach for close to a year and simply put I found her input nothing shy of transformational for myself. Much of the analysis, challenge and, most critically, support she provided remains invaluable on a current and future basis….. the biggest gift Lorna left me with was the confidence to follow the things that mean the most to me as a person; she helped me raise my eye-line to the level of what is possible for me…above and beyond the constraints of a job or any other day-to- day ‘limitations’ we put on ourselves. Thanks to what Lorna did with me, I have turned the dream of a career in sports journalism into a reality. The hints and tips Lorna gave me about verbal and non-verbal communication have made this possible and I am now involved in television broadcasting and have had pieces I have written published. Not an outcome I foresaw at the outset of working with Lorna but one for which I am eternally grateful.
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  • Sarah Richardson

    Calderdale Council

    Thank you so much for coaching me. I found the whole experience very rewarding. The insights I've gained will certainly help me move forward in my career.
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  • Dr. Eddie Clarke

    Director of Health and Social Care Consortium

    I have collaborated with Lorna on several large-scale change programmes and service improvement projects. She is a very committed and diligent professional, coach and facilitator.
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