Imagine leadership with the capacity to achieve successful transformation

Are you responsible for delivering transformational change?

Do you worry whether you will be able to make the right improvements?

Do you ever feel frustrated, stressed or demoralised as processes are changing?

Do you yearn for:

  • More time to think through and plan transformation?
  • Reassurance and the space to create new alternatives and try new approaches?
  • Help with knowing how to make transformational change stick?

You're not alone. We've helped 100's of leaders like you to master transformational change.

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Through the coaching packages we provide, we can help you to gain:

  • The capacity and resources to design and plan transformation on a methodical basis
  • The motivation and resiliency to be infinitely calm and infinitely patient in the midst of transformational change
  • Help to face up to and confront the unspoken and get the clarity to move forward
  • Renewed optimism and self-belief


Client Testimonial: Meet Pippa

Check out this feedback from Pippa Corner, former Assistant Director of Health and Adult Social Care.  It is an extract from a longer account in which she reflected creatively on her coaching journey and her personal learning.

The first time I spoke with Lorna on the phone, I remember the voice at the other end of the line was warm and engaging, perhaps a little pushy. I came away from that initial conversation feeling cheered, encouraged, urged on and supported, and gently bruised. Coaching was a good idea, but would be no pushover. I liked the voice. I got what the voice said. I could see myself making a go of it. I felt myself responding to the call to arms.

Over the next six months working with Lorna, I was able to tell her of my struggles and experiences, I talked about what mattered to me. She drew out from me those crucial facts of family and fundamental values. She listened and questioned.

I shed tears. But that’s ok in a safe space.

We talked about opportunities for growth. I was to be Winter Lead and I spoke about my commitment to a “calm winter”. I started to promulgate the notion of Calm Winter. It had currency in my organisation. People said they liked it. They bought it. This could be my contribution to the wider wellbeing of the people, including the colleagues, on my patch.

All those opportunities conspired with the rest of my responsibilities at home and at work. Ahead lay the snow-capped peaks of what looked like success. Yet the foothills were crowded with misadventure. At work, at home, everything was too much. At our coaching session, I talked about spinning plates; that dismal cliché. She turns on a sixpence, does Lorna. I talked of the trouble I’d had with the arrangements for a family lunch party. Metamorphosis? Yes! The spinning plates became a banquet. The place settings glistened with silver cutlery, the glasses shimmered by candlelight. My responsibilities each drew up a chair in accordance with their name embossed on a table reservation. Sparkling conversation ensured. Clouds were pushed to the edges. Attentive waiters stood in the wings, watching for their moment to please.

I have faced challenges of Biblical proportions at home and work. As the storm raged, Lorna made dry land – room for reflection.

Click on the link on the right to book your complementary 1-on-1 Successful Transformation Coaching Session to get started.




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